Social Media Manager

I have recently been looking into more jobs as a social media manager and found many jobs outside of Utah, but why not do that here?

If you know anyone that needs social networking done for their company, organization, or is just trying to start something on their own, send them my way.

Check out my Social Networking section that shows the work that I have done and what different mediums I have experience in.

Message me at

My Clients

I have worked with many clients such as Mothers Without Borders, Westminster Career Center, Your Next First Crew sponsored by America First Credit Union, and I have just recently picked up Tuft Applicance, where I will be managing their social media and networking.

For great deals, special offers, and cooking classes follow Tuft Appliances, and my work on Facebook. So be sure to follow their Facebook page and soon their Twitter for deals, cooking classes, and special offers.

Bigger and Better

Well, here we go! I have finally decided to move on to the big world of getting my own website.

I have blogged before, but this is going to be more of just my site where people can go and see the work that I have done. Then if you are looking for more you can always contact me.

So prepare for a more professional me. This is going to be a location of all my work and what I am currently working on.